Report 28.03.2019

Report 28.03.2019

KaJo meeting on March 28, 2019

In attendance: Johannes, Lisandra, Dorothea
Record keeping: Dorothea


  1. Vincent, new member, translates the missing texts; proofreading

  2. New members / Application for sponsorship: Set up email for information. Johannes and Dorothea take care of it. Lisandra sets up the direct debit

  3. Contact with Biruh:

    • Ask about the children's half-year reports
    • Fera Graduation Ceremony: Fera writes her high school final exams
    • Costs: compare finances, did Biruh pick up the money for Fera's graduation ceremony?
    • Letters from the children: what is the status?
    • Bruke and Fera exam results, what are the final exams?
    • Kibret collaboration: Kibret has Biruh heard from him? Kibret has not been paid since January.
    • Involvement in the club: Fera can support Biruh after she has finished school. For example, you can shop for school uniforms etc. with the younger children
    • University attendance is not paid for by KaJo: do Fera's parents know?
  4. Ithiopis: Johannes contacts the Ithiopis association and asks for a cooperation