Report 22.07.2019

Report 22.07.2019

Report from July 22nd, 2019
In attendance: Anna-Theresa Dreher, Dorothea Engl and Johannes Engl
Secretary: Theresa

  1. Gift to Biruh as a thank you for her efforts
    Collection of ideas: typical dishes from Germany
    Doro and Theresa take care of it

  2. News report for events in the past six months
    Theresa writes a report

  3. button on the website "Board members introduce themselves"
    Send pictures and text to Dorothea without more up-to-date references, so you don't have to change it all the time

  4. Small items
    • Stand summer school: Biruh has sent a list of the costs. Lisandra has to transfer the money (Lisandra)
    • Introduction Videos: Kalkidan's video is missing
    • Write an email to Biruh with the following points: Testimonials from sponsored children
    Letters to the godparents / News Don Bosco School (Doro)
    • New password for Theresa (Johannes)
    • Incorporation of Niklas into the website (Johannes)