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Our reliable local representatives

In Addis Abeba KaJo e.V. is supported by two Ethiopians, Biruh and Kibret. Their support enables us to take care of the sponsored children all year round, so that they always have a someone to get in touch with regarding school, family and health issues.

Kibret has been part of KaJo e.V. since 2016 and has earned the trust of the children. Originally he is a trained nurse, but now he mainly works as a tour guide. Together with his brother he founded a travel company.

Biruh lives with her Swiss husband and her little son also in Addis Abeba. She has been supporting us since 2018 and is a great help especially with all financial and administrative tasks.

The School

The private school "Future Generation Hope No 1" is located in the district of Fefas Silk-Lafto in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. The school education already starts in the kindergarten and ends at the end of the twelfth grade. The eleventh and twelfth school year prepares the students for university. A total of 900 children attend the school, which is staffed by over 30 teachers.

How we work

Our currently nine sponsored children aged between 11 and 18 live at home with their families. Some of the parents are single-parent families and find themselves in precarious and socially disadvantaged living and working conditions. With your donation you will enable the children to attend the private school Future Generation Hope, where they will be prepared for a subsequent education or university degree.
In concrete terms, we not only pay for the school fees but also school transportation, school uniforms, books and other school materials. Our two care-givers support us on site.

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We use your donation ultimately to support education in Ethiopia

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